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  • Do you supply demonstration disks?
    • Whilst we prefer to do on-site demonstrations so that we can discuss our software and answer questions with our potential clients, demonstration versions of our software are available on CD or as downloads from our website. Different clients run their businesses in different ways and by seeing them individually we can relate our software to the business. We firmly believe that the use of our software should be dictated by our clients business - not the other way round.

  • Are the products networkable?
    • All our software products (except where stated) are fully networkable. We offer free advice and support in networking the programs.

  • If I have users in more than one location can I use the software in each location?
    • The software is only valid for one location but we offer considerable discounts for additional copies.

  • What happens about training?
    • All our software products are extremely easy to master and do not normally require formal training. However we are willing to install and train your staff if required. There may be a charge for this, depending upon location and time spent. Telephone support is available free of charge for the first three months after purchase and thereafter on a support contract basis.

  • Does the software come with a manual?
    • All our software products come with a comprehensive manual.

  • What happens if I have a computer failure?
    • Built into all programs is an automatic backup of the main files in case there is a data corruption. We supply all clients with a master disk to re-install the programs if necessary. However we do strongly recommend you regularly backup your data with Tape. We will do everything possible to assist clients in data recovery.

  • Are the software products your own or are you agents for other software developers?
    • All our software products are designed and written in house. We do supply other products such as Microsoft products or Sage Accounting packages but usually only when supplying our own software.

  • Why are you called Ginger Cat Software?
    • Probably the most asked question!! The founder of Ginger Cat Software, David Pike and his wife used to have a gorgeous ginger cat called George. In the early stages of the business David worked from home and George used to lie on the warm monitor when David was using the computer. When we were looking for a name for the business that people would remember we found the answer literally staring us in the face! Unfortunately George has long since passed into the great beyond but the name remains.

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